Pablo Soto Casás

University of Santiago de Compostela

The video games are considered an impactful medium for constructing and transforming the peoples’ identities and its influence is embedded in our inner selves due to the importance of the technology. Following the Muriel and Crawford’s work about the gamer identity, they argue about how the identity is unclarified due to the liquid times that we are living.

However, this is not only a gaming issue, from a Luhmann perspective we can assume that the mass media constructs reality that are imposed by the domination system through the cultural products. Therefore, there are a myriad of multiple realities construction due to the huge variety cultural products that we are consuming.

In order to clarify this issue, in this proposal I am going to investigate how the Social Imaginaries of gaming sets a biased social reality. For studying this, I will work from a qualitative methodology based on performing an interpretative ethnography which I will combined with discussion groups in order to establish the modern Social Imaginaries of gaming and, thereby, investigate how these imagined schemes are affecting our reality perception.

I am a student of the PhD program: Doctoral Programme in Political Marketing: Actors and Institutions in Contemporary Societies. From a sociological perspective my thesis is based on how the videogames could produce a bias gender construction in the social perception.